Comparative advantages of Baiyin

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Updated: 2013-12-12

Baiyin, an industrial base and key region of “Lanzhou and Baiyin Core Economic Zone”, enjoys good economic conditions and low-cost investing.

1. Geographical advantage

Baiyin is located in Gansu province and borders the Ningxia Hui autonomous region and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and it is also located 69 kilometers away from Lanzhou, 280 kilometers from Xining, and 350 kilometers from Yinchuan.

The Baotou-Lanzhou railway line, Gantang-Wuwei line, Beijing-Tibet Highway, Qinghai-Lanzhou Highway and Dingxi-Wuwei Highway all run through this region, and it is thus a strategic transportation hub connecting northwest and southwest China.

2. Huge growth potential

Its location in the urban agglomeration of Xining, Lanzhou and Yinchuan - in the upper reaches of the Yellow River on the ancient Silk Road – mean that Baiyin is in a strategic position where China and the West meet.

3. Rich mineral resources

Baiyin is also located near the mineral-rich Central Asia and Tibetan Plateau, and more than 45 minerals have been detected in the area. It boasts 1.6 billion tons of coal reserves, and more than ten metallic minerals, including copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, antimony, tungsten, tin, and molybdenum.

4. Superior energy mix

Baiyin also boasts a good combination of energy resources, with traditional energy such as coal power and hydropower, and renewable energy like wind and biomass energy. It is Gansu’s key region of wind and solar power, and produces 3 million kilowatts of exploitable hydro energy annually. Solar power is available 260 days a year.

5. Abundant land and water resources

Baiyin produces 1.23 billion cubic meters of extractable water annually and there are 1.23 million hectares of available land for development in the region. It is thus a good choice for industries planning to establish a presence in Gansu or in northwest China.

6. Rich agricultural resources

The city has 300,000 hectares of arable land, 53,333 hectares of land devoted to growing vegetables, and 9,333 hectares of greenhouses. Huining county is known as the "Hometown of Coarse Cereals" and "Hometown of Mutton".

7. Strong industrial base

Baiyin is an important non-ferrous metal industrial base, and Gansu’s new chemical base, and its leading industries are mineral mining, energy and raw materials.

8. Ample scientific, educational and human resources

The region boasts excellent scientific and educational resources, with 160,000 well-trained workers, 62,000 professional and technical personnel and more than 90 experts who receive special allowances from the State Council.

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