Overview of Baiyin2013-12-09

Baiyin is located in central Gansu province on the upper reaches of the Yellow River. Baiyin means silver in Mandarin Chinese, and the city was created and named following the development of the local mining industry.

Investment Environment in Baiyin2013-12-09

Experts agree that one of the attractions of investing in Baiyin concerns its supportive policies, as the central government and Gansu provincial government have launched policies to help with Baiyin’s development transformation.

Non-ferrous and rare earth materials2013-12-09

Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Corporation was the first non-ferrous metal company in China set up after 1949. By the end of the tenth Five-Year Plan period (2001-2005), it was able to produce 370,000 tons of non-ferrous metal annually.

Yindong Circular Industrial Chemical Park2013-12-03

The park focuses on the development of nonferrous metals, the chemical industry and fine chemical industry, and has a planning area of 50 square kilometers.

Yinxi Industrial Park2013-12-03

Yinxi Industrial Park is mainly involved in food and medicine production, warehousing and logistics, and business services.

One development zone and six industrial parks2013-12-03

The authorities have made great efforts to promote the industrial development of Baiyin, Gansu province, since 2011.

Baiyin High-Tech Industrial Development Zone2013-12-03

The zone, with a planning area of 100 square kilometers, is known for its technology, talent and research and development, and it focuses on the development of advanced industries.

Liuchuan Industrial Park2013-12-02

The industrial park aims to specialize in the development of non-ferrous metal processing, new rare earth materials, chemical industry, new energy, equipment manufacturing, agricultural product processing, and warehouse logistics.

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