Yellow River cultural tourism

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Updated: 2013-12-13

Industrial advantages

Baiyin was an important outpost of the ancient Silk Road. Throughout history, Yellow River Culture, Western Xia Culture and Central Plain Culture integrated with one another here.

Natural landscapes:

Yellow River Stone Forest National Geological Park, Shoulu Mountain National Forest Park, Hasi Mountain, Tiemu Mountain, Quwu Mountain Provincial Forest Park, Lesser Three Gorges of Yellow River, Heishan Gorge of Yellow River, Jingtai Yema Beach and Guanyin Cliff, wetlands along the Yellow River, several river islands, and so on.

Yellow River cultural heritages :

National Heritage Conservation Site Jingtai Yongtai Turtle City, Pingtanbao Cultural Street, Jingyuan Ancient City, Luyang Ancient Town, Ancient Ferry Port at Hubaokou, Ancient Ferry of Shimensuo Bridge, Huangwan Ferry, Laolongwan scenic spot, Wufo Ferry, Beichengbao and Beichengbao Ferry, Beichengtan Site of Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty and Beacon Tower, and Baozi Mountain Site, and so on.

Ancient Silk Road cultural relics:

Sierwan Grottos, Faquan Temple Grottoes , Wufoyan Temple Grottoes, Pingchuan Hongshan Temple, Pingchuan North Wudang Temple, Longwan Qingliang Temple, and so on.

Cultural landscape:

Silong Resort, Yellow River Waterwheel, Jingdian Pumping Station, Yellow River Suspension Bridge, Wujiachuan Petroglyphs, Jingyuan Single Stone, Huangwan Inscriptions on Precipices, Sheepskin Rrafts, and so on.

Yellow River culture and arts:

Yellow River rare stones, antique architectures, Yellow River ditty, paper cutting, famous paintings and calligraphy, special local food, folk customs, and so on.

Yellow River agricultural tourism sites:

Baiyin Green Agricultural Garden, Zhongping Vegetable Garden, Beiping Fruit Garden, Pinglin Fruit Garden, Jingyuan Dam High-tech Agricultural Garden, Longwan Lvzhou Agricultural Garden, Jingdian Irrigation Zone, and so on.

Red Education Sites:

Huining, the holy place where the first, second and fourth Red Army joined forces; Jingyuan Hubaokou, where the Red Army managed to cross the Yellow River; Jingtai Battle Field; the old meeting hall in Jingtai Wufo, site of meetings for resistance against Japanese aggression, and so on.

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