Traditional and new energy

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Updated: 2013-12-13

Industrial advantages

Hydropower resources:

A length of 258 kilometers of the Yellow River flows through Baiyin city with a flow rate of 1,048.25 cubic meters per second and a basin area of 14,710 square kilometers.

The city’s water resource utilization is 32.8 billion cubic meters every year. Apart from existing agriculture and irrigation usage, approximately three million kilowatts of electricity is available every year.

Coal resource:

Baiyin is abundant in coal resources. Currently there are 42 coal mines. Identified reserve amounts to 1.5 billion tons, of which 907 million tons can be used for industrial exploration.

Coal gangue resource:

Jingyuan Coal Company has more than 12.91 million tons of coal gangue, and 1.22 million tons is added every year.

Coal bed gas resource:

Dashuitou coal mine and Weijiadi mine of Jingyuan Coal Company have a great reserve of coal bed gas that is exploitable. The estimated reserve is 4.71 billion cu m.

Wind resource:

Baiyin has relatively abundant wind resources. Northwest wind, followed by southeast wind, dominates the region all year around. Spring and winter are windy seasons.

Jingtai county and Pingchuan district have great wind power potentials, with more than two million sq m of eligible land and over one million kW of potential installed capacity.

Geothermal resource:

Hongshalang geothermal field is located in Baoji village of Pingchuan district in Baiyin city. Heat from the interior of the Earth’s surface heats the water in the aquifer by conduction and convection.

The geothermal reservoir has a thickness of 83 meters and a temperature of 71 C. The geothermal area is a low-temperature field with an outlet-water temperature of 39.5 C.

Total resources available in the well measure 7.12 million cu m per year, and the natural recharging amount of geothermal water is 3,534 cu m per day.

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