Fine chemical industry integration

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Updated: 2013-12-13

Industrial advantages

Solid industrial foundation: There are over 10 large and medium-sized fine chemical industry enterprises in Baiyin city, including the Silver Light Company, laying a solid foundation for the development of the city’s fine chemical industry.

Now five bases of fine chemical industry integration have been established, with TDI, DNT, TNT and lithium fluoride materials as main products.

Baiyin is a typical resource-oriented city rich in mineral resources. The exploited or proven nonferrous metals, including aluminum, lead, copper and zinc, reach an annual production of over 300,000 tons.

There are more than 30 kinds of nonmetallic minerals, including coal, gypsum, palygorskite, limestone, mirabilite and zeolite. The rich phosgene resource is a special addition for Baiyin in order to develop its fine chemical industry.

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