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  • Gui Peng's photography

    2011-07-27 15:52

    Enjoy some of the photos Gui Peng, a career lawyer, took of picturesque natural landscapes across China.

  • Typical products in Lijiang

    2011-07-18 17:57

    Chinese Calligraphy is a brush art which is unique to Asian cultures. The four main disciplines of the cultured scholars of China include Shu (Calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument) and Qi (a strategic board game).

  • Transportation in Lijiang

    2011-07-18 17:02

    Renting a bicycle: it is most convenient to travel by foot or bicycle in the old quarter. Bicycles can be rented at Sifang Street and the prices vary from 15 yuan to 80 yuan per day based on their quality.

  • Where women rule

    2011-07-13 17:21

    They are elegant middle-aged women who move with an easy grace in long, gray-blue pleated skirts. These ethnic Naxi women come to town and dance, after finishing morning chores around their homes and farms, to earn a few tourist dollars.

  • Vast expanse of lotus pond in Yunnan

    2011-07-12 17:39

    Visitors watch lotus flowers in Qiubei County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, July 11, 2011. The beautiful scenery here attracts numerous visitors.

  • Summer trip to Yunnan

    2011-07-12 15:21

    Visitors enjoy boating in Puzhehei scenic spot in Qiubei County, Yunnan Province, July 11, 2011. As summer vacation comes, a great quantity of tourists will visit the Puzhehei Karst scenic spot.

  • Where simply delicious food is deliciously simple

    2009-10-15 10:47

    Accustomed as I am to traditional Chinese cuisine with its regional variations, I was thrilled to find I could feast on delicious and wholesome foods while traveling across Yunnan.

  • New Dali-Lijiang rail service cuts time, costs

    2009-10-15 11:19

    A newly opened railway in Yunnan province will make the trip to the area much easier and cheaper.

  • World Heritage - Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan

    2011-07-05 14:08

    In the high mountains of southwest China's Yunnan Province, three rivers – the Jinsha, Nujiang and Lancang – all originated from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, run roughly parallel, north to south for some 170 km.

  • Dazzling show to Dai for

    2009-03-06 09:41

    Dai performers at Yulingu Jingqu press sizzling hot ceramic plates against their tongues, roll blazing torches over their bare torsos and dance barefoot on glass shards

  • Enchanting land of 'Eternal Spring'

    2009-06-11 10:35

    Driving through a tropical rainforest is one of the biggest pleasures I can think of but I was told to stay alert when I approached Xishuangbanna.

  • Poetry in stone shaped millions of years ago

    2009-06-11 10:36

    If you can visit only one place in Kunming, let it be Shilin, or Stone Forest. It's actually located in a neighboring county, but just an hour's drive on the highway.

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