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  • Where flowers, grass dance to your tunes

    2009-06-11 10:36

    Yunnan has given birth to some of China's greatest dancers, but you'll never guess who your next dance partner will be.

  • Best destinations in autumn

    2010-08-23 11:19

    Autumn is considered the golden season to travel to the following places.

  • Off the beaten track

    2007-12-24 11:20

    Located in Yunnan Province, Southwest China, Wenhai village is accessible from Lijiang by foot, horse or jeep over unpaved roads. Whichever method of transport you choose, you'll be impressed by the magnificent views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as you descend into the village.

  • Freefall into cafe culture

    2008-02-15 09:29

    Catching sight of my acrophobic younger sister beside me, ashen-faced with eyes clamped shut against the world, I threw my own petrified state into sharp relief.Like her, I had stubbornly ignored the coaxing drawl of our local guide.

  • Ethnic culture brings ancient city to life

    2008-06-10 10:12

    What fascinates tourists from home and abroad about the ancient city of Lijiang? Its ethnic culture offers the answer.

  • Lijiang balances protection and modernization

    2008-06-10 10:16

    In 1997, the city of Lijiang in southwest China's Yunnan province became the first city in the country to be formally registered on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites list.

  • Old man river

    2008-11-04 11:40

    By day Xu Quanfa is a fisherman and a part-time electrician, but at night he's a walk-on actor and a host to one of China's most interesting entertainment productions.

  • Lost horizon found

    2008-11-11 09:34

    Mainstream tourists have only just discovered the natural beauty of Shudu Lake in Shangri-La county, Diqing Tibet autonomous prefecture.

  • Mama Ding's multicultural melting pot

    2008-11-11 14:20

    Mama Ding was one of the first Chongding villagers in Bingzhongluo to open their homes to travelers.

  • Beauty compromised, dam the consequences

    2008-11-11 14:24

    It'll take you a 40-minute flight, a 10-hour bus ride and at least a one-night stopover to get from Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, to Bingzhongluo, a small town at the boundary with Tibet autonomous region.

  • Where women rule

    2009-01-01 07:15

    Soon after setting foot in the ancient town of Lijiang, you will likely come across a large water-wheel and hear ethnic tunes, then catch sight of a group of dancers dancing...

  • Travel Picks: Top 10 fairylands in Yunnan Province

    2009-11-17 14:43

    Yunnan has some of the most magical and diverse sceneries in China. Here come the top 10 beautiful fairylands which will impress and intrigue you.

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