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  • Yunnan's winged wonders

    2010-02-02 10:02

    Fishing with cormorants in Erhai Lake goes back a long time. But now, only 12 families continue this practice.

  • Reaching out to the world

    2009-11-19 10:41

    Yunnan province will be a major tourism destination and double the number of visitors within six years by showcasing its ethnic cultures and providing more tours.

  • Eternal romance in 'city of eternal spring'

    2010-03-11 10:01

    It's with reason that Kunming is called the "city of eternal spring".

  • Road of Histories---Nanzhao Street in Dali, Yunnan

    2011-06-29 14:53

    Nanzhao Ancient Street, with a history of more than 600 years, sows up the life of Weishan Ancient Town.

  • Trout rise in Lijiang

    2010-06-26 07:45

    A new delicacy is swimming in the crystal clear, snow-melt streams of Yunnan's historic Lijiang region. Pauline D Loh tests the waters

  • The adventurous palate

    2010-07-03 09:28

    Holidays are usually a time to experiment with more unfamiliar flavors. Pauline D Loh takes the taste test at the resorts of Lijiang.

  • Deep forest

    2010-01-07 10:22

    Get off the beaten track and hire a guide to take you through the pristine, old growth rainforest of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, Simon Lewis, says

  • Full of beans

    2010-01-20 09:34

    The remote village of Zhukula in Yunnan was where coffee was first introduced in 1892, and it's still the best brew of Arabica you can find.

  • Picture perfect

    2010-12-23 16:49

    Some have speculated this ancient town may have inspired James Hilton when he created the town of Shangri-la in his famous novel Lost Horizon.

  • When even the gods are charmed …

    2011-01-16 09:02

    This is a lake of great beauty and mystery. In its depth, an ancient city sleeps, and UFOs and mythical creatures are believed to rise from its waters occasionally. Pauline D Loh visits Yunnan's Fuxian Lake.

  • Baisha: A comfy corner in Lijiang

    2011-01-17 16:02

    Nestled at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Baisha is a small village on the plain 10km north of Lijiang in the vicinity of several old temples.

  • In search of spring at Xishuangbanna

    2011-01-20 15:03

    Nowhere compares to a sunny land in a freezing and dreary winter. Among the options in China, Xishuangbanna in southwest China's Yunnan province is surely one of the best destinations.

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