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  • Tiny San Marino has big dreams for local wine

    2009-08-19 18:09

    Tourists flock here for the postage stamps rather than the local reds and its only winery needs a makeover, but the tiny republic of San Marino is boldly pushing ahead to make a name for its wines.

  • Italians dig up vines, wine output growth slows

    2009-07-22 10:18

    Wine output growth in Italy, a major producer, will slow down this year after farmers dug up vines because of incentives under the European Union wine sector reform.

  • Austrian wine competes with best Europe has to offer

    2009-07-03 09:35

    The people of Austria's Burgenland region like to consider their part of the world one of culinary delights.

  • Nova French Bar & Restaurant

    2009-03-30 15:30

    There are not that many French restaurants that can lay claim to offering traditional French fare in Shanghai.

  • French winemakers fear tasting ban in health rules

    2009-02-25 14:39

    The French wine trade fears new health rules could force vintners to keep the cork on bottles when visitors come to their cellars, dealing a serious blow to growing wine tourism by stigmatizing the beverage.

  • Casas PePe Tapas and Bar

    2009-01-13 15:02

    Tapas restaurants have been spreading around Shanghai like wildfire recently. However, Casas Pepe separates itself from the pack with its cozy and inviting atmosphere, affordable tapas and drink specials, and subtle ingredient choices that elevate a tapas dish from good to great.

  • Boost omega-3s with wine

    2009-01-07 15:28

    A recent study found that drinking one or two glasses of wine a day could increase the level of omega-3 fats in your blood.

  • Red wine for your heart

    2008-12-26 15:13

    You may not know it, but red wine is high in fiber which can help keep your heart healthy.

  • NASCACafe

    2008-12-17 17:22

    What does an expat need after a day’s stressful work in big bustling Beijing? A few nice drinks and some good food in a cozy, friendly place not too far from home.

  • Club Camp

    2008-12-16 14:48

    “With a name like Club Camp, it has to be a gay-friendly restaurant,” I said to myself as I got out of a taxi, just by Destination.

  • Humble Italian house

    2008-11-28 11:41

    Nestled on the edge of the French Concession along the sleepy lane of Jinxian Road, Osteria introduces the passionate principles of Italian wine and dine into a cozy 3-storey shop-house.

  • The perfect match

    2008-11-24 13:53

    The Italian Ambassador in China, Riccardo Sessa, thinks Italian wines can best match good Chinese food.