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  • Salute to Salud

    2008-11-24 11:33

    Tucked away at the far end of Nanlouguxiang, sits a bar decorated in burnished oranges and bright yellows. This is Salud.

  • Counting on naturally fine wines

    2008-10-24 14:03

    Wine connoisseurs will have the chance to sample wines from one of Australia's well-known regions complemented with a carefully paired dinner at the China World Hotel.

  • New openings: Drei Kronen 1308

    2008-09-23 15:49

    Beijing's newest microbrew pub is 700 years in the making: the 1308 suffix denotes the year when the Bavarian brewers began plying their trade.

  • Drinking in Beijing

    2008-07-28 13:52

    For Adriaa, a South African tourist, a few sips of tea in a bar featuring Chinese horticulture and framed windows means more than just an evening's pastime.

  • All night long

    2008-06-27 11:02

    Night Club is, well, a night club. More specifically, it's a Chinese-style night club.

  • Pick your poison

    2008-06-24 16:52

    Even the pickiest cocktail enthusiasts will find something pleasing on Kiittos' mammoth drink list.

  • Australia brews beer for man's best friend

    2008-05-22 15:37

    With no age limit on drinking, a no-alcohol beer brewed especially for dogs has proved a hit for an Australian pet shop.

  • Cheers to more wine

    2008-03-05 07:28

    Jenny Zhang, a 36-year-old Beijing woman, buys wine from Carrefour almost every month.

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