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  • Time to pop the cork in wine auction world?

    2009-11-16 09:05

    In perhaps another sign of a recovering economy, millions of dollars worth of wines and spirits sold at three different auctions in New York over the weekend.

  • Marry Asian food with respectful wines, expert says

    2009-11-10 16:38

    If you've ever puzzled over the perfect wine for Thai tom yum soup or south Indian fish curry, a book by Asia's only master of wine takes the guess-work out of pairing an essentially Western drink with Oriental food.

  • Climate change makes English winemakers see red

    2009-11-10 10:15

    The pickers working their way along the hillside, clipping bunches of small, dark purple grapes from the rows of vines and dropping them into plastic buckets are harbingers of a warmer planet.

  • Where to have your drinking experience in Beijing

    2009-11-09 11:41

    ASC Fine Wines presents Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Wine Dinner at the Westin Beijing Grange Thursday, Nov 12.

  • Beijingers need fine wines for less

    2009-11-09 11:40

    "When I choose a wine, it should be ripe," said Palette Vino's founder and managing director, John Gai, as we tasted two wines at its Dongsi Yitiao location.

  • Strong wines that test your palate

    2009-10-31 14:25

    Gaia Gaja, fifth generation manager of Italian winery Gaja, found it difficult to explain her wines to Chinese tasters. "When I say 'violet', they say 'we don't have it here'," she says. "When I say 'truffle', they ask 'what's that?'"

  • Red wine with meat not fish? It all comes down to science

    2009-10-23 12:38

    It's not just culinary etiquette to pair red wine with red meat not fish with a Japanese research team finding there is a scientific explanation.

  • Getting to the root of great wine

    2009-10-21 08:41

    Making great wine could all come down to its roots.

  • Travel Picks: North America's top 10 wine destinations

    2009-10-10 13:50

    European destinations are often in the spotlight when it comes to fine wines but North America holds it own when it comes to varietals.

  • Wine drinkers lift glass to law of supply and demand

    2009-09-30 09:36

    The law of supply and demand has reached the world's vineyards tipping wine prices in consumers' favor.

  • Sweet or dry? Wine choice reveals your personality

    2009-09-02 11:30

    A taste for Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay or a liking for Bordeaux or Zinfandel can indicate more than just a preference in wines. It could also reveal personality traits.

  • Italian wine aims to emerge from champagne's shadow

    2009-08-26 14:57

    It's hard to beat champagne but makers of top-shelf Italian bubbly franciacorta aim to establish their product as an alternative, using a blend of high quality and shrewd marketing.