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Free online music deadline revealed

Updated: 2013-03-22 10:24

Free online music deadline revealed

Chinese music websites including Baidu Player are reportedly planning to begin charging for music by early 2013. Lu Jianshe / for China Daily

Chinese music producer Gao Xiaosong announced Tuesday that the music industry faces 'earth-shaking' changes as free online downloading will end after July 1.

"Various record labels, music websites and the government are all doing the tail-end of the work. The Chinese online music market will step into an era of legal copies." Gao said at a launch ceremony for the Top Chinese Music Awards, which are due to take place in April.

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The deadline was confirmed by Wang Changtian, president of Enlight Media, a mainland entertainment giant.

A producer of pop songs, Gao became widely known after being sent to prison for six months for drink-driving in May 2011.

Gao said record companies, online providers and relevant parties have come to an agreement after negotiations. Record companies have compromised on pricing to encourage a paid music service and copyright protection.

It is unknown what form the paid service will be.

"Exact information will be released by relevant industries later, but it's for sure the price will be very very low," Gao added.

The producer contributed to changes of the newly amended Copyright Law.

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