Lohan slams car crash reports

(World Entertainment News Network)
Updated: 2006-11-14 10:37

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan has hit out at reports she was involved in a car crash with the paparazzi on Monday night and insists the entire incident was fabricated.

Media reports claimed the star was chased by a photographer who slammed into the back of her Mercedes after she left Hollywood hot spot Hyde at around 2 am.

But Lohan insists, "No accident. Nothing ever happened. I swear to God. My mother called me and so did my friend."

"My mom said, 'Are you Ok? What happened? Did you get into a car accident' and I said, 'No, I never got into any sort of accident,' because I didn't."

"My friend thought I was in the hospital. I got calls from people I haven't spoken to in five years!

"At this point there's nothing left for people to make up about me and no other stories that they can manifest so they're just repeating old ones."

"I'm waiting for them to say I'm pregnant or something crazy."


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