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Local Beijing resident talks about Mid-Autumn Festival traditions

[2016-09-15 14:59]

Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is one of the most popular traditional festivals in China and other Asian countries.

Full moon celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

[2016-09-18 07:53]

Full moon celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

People enjoy lantern shows to celebrate traditional Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

[2016-09-16 09:44]

People enjoy lantern shows to celebrate traditional Chinese Mid-autumn Festival, in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province.

10 places to spend Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing

[2016-09-14 15:06]

The three-day Mid-Autumn holiday is coming in the best season of Beijing, with blue sky, clean air, bright sun and balmy temperatures.

Cute clay rabbits welcome Mid-Autumn Festival

[2016-09-14 14:49]

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 15 this year and a clay sculpture studio called San Chi Zhai in Hebei province that specializes in creating clay sculptures has prepared a series of lovely clay rabbits for the festival.

Four solutions to enjoy mooncake without getting fat

[2016-09-14 11:02]

There is a solution for you to enjoy it without gaining weight.

Yushan county's special 'mooncake' for Mid-Autumn Festival

[2016-09-13 14:50]

The population of the autonomous county is made up mainly of Miao and Tujia people, and Yushan Gansubing (crispy cake) is their must-eat dish during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Do you dare try these weird mooncakes

[2016-09-13 13:55]

As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, you might have bought many mooncakes. If you have had enough of conventional flavored mooncakes, these odd ones might result in something different and new, if not something that tastes good.

A thousand Chang'es in a thousand painters' eyes

[2016-09-12 17:18]

As the Mid-autumn Festival approaches, let's check out some stunning Chinese paintings which depict the same Chang'e in different styles.

'Man-made moon' celebrates Mid-autumn Festival

[2016-09-12 07:53]

A "man-made moon" attracted people's attention on top of a building in Jiujiang, east China's Jiangxi province.

Special concert at Dajue Temple will celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

[2016-09-14 13:12]

The guqin, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and Kunqu opera are listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. A concert highlighting a mix of the two will be held at Minghui Tea House in Beijing's Dajue Temple on Friday during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Fun side of a full moon

[2016-09-13 07:58]

To the Chinese, a full moon is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and family reunion. But photographers also have found creative ways to display the fun side of a full moon.

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