About the event

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About the event

The “2014 Amazing China” election is the only Chinese city ranking based on votes from expats living in China. Votes are cast by expats from a wide array of professions and social ranks, ranging from Nobel Laureates and Chinese Friendship Award recipients to foreign employees based in China.


The program aims to showcase the glamor of Chinese cities and their readiness at attracting foreign talent and intelligence, to explore the priority and values when they begin job-hunting and entrepreneurship in China; to guide cities to pay greater attention to creating a favorable working and living environment so as to bring in more high-level foreign personnel.


International Talent Monthly

China Society for Research on International Professional Personnel Exchange and Development

Major Partners:

Horizon Research Consultancy Group

Horizon Research Consultancy Group has been in charge of statistical analysis of “Amazing China” since 2011 and will support the election of 2014.

China Daily

China Daily will be designing and maintaining the official website (English version) of the election.

International City/County Management Association(ICMA)



This year’s election is divided into four stages from June to December 2014. I.

Preparatory Stage (June—July 15)

1. Discuss the election process and assess focus of research with Horizon Research Consultancy Group and the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science research group. The committee will collect suggestions and adjust the election accordingly.

2. Design the official website and discuss media publicity with China Daily.

3. According to the voting results from the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, cities that made into the top 20 at least twice will become candidate cities for 2014. The other 10 cities will be selected through voting and recommendation.

 Election Stage (July 15—Sept 15)

1. Online voting begins.

2. Paper ballots will be sent to expats and expats experts in all candidate cities with a minimum of 30 paper ballots per city. There is no maximum.

3. Media partners, including International Talent Magazine, will release and publicize the election.

Data Analysis Stage (Sept 15—Nov 15)

1. Collect online voting results and paper ballots. Rank candidate cities.

2. Analyze the election through written reports and offer suggestions.

3. Interviews with mayors and experts from China Daily will be held. Featured news will be prepared to expand the influence of the election.

Publicity Stage (December)

1. Final results will be released through the International Talent Magazine, online and offline media partners.

2. Feature the election through International Talent Magazine, China Daily and People’s Daily.


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