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Shenzhen launches jaywalking crackdown

[2013-05-24 12:08]

Tens of thousands of pedestrians jaywalk regularly in the southern China city of Shenzhen, and on Thursday 3,000 people were caught for doing just that, as the first day of the city's campaign against jaywalking began.

Beijing to hold taxi price hike hearing

[2013-05-23 09:35]

Beijing will hold a taxi price hearing on Thursday to address drivers' complaints over low income and make it easier for people to hail a cab.

Man reunites with family with Google Maps

[2013-05-22 17:18]

Luo Gang no longer wakes up crying after a dream about a little boy in a red embroidered sweater, with an image of a swan, being taken by strangers. That dream haunted him for more than two decades.

Improved teaching aids TCM understanding

[2013-05-19 20:18]

Maximin Gaillard, a French student obsessed with traditional Chinese medicine, used to feel completely lost in class. But improvements in teaching methods by professors of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) aiming to make concrete abstract theories and empirical practices have helped Galliard understand things better.

Chinese regions to attract more FDI

[2013-05-16 20:19]

Less developed central and western regions of China will look to benefit from more foreign direct investment (FDI), according to a guideline released Thursday.

English TCM help line launched in Beijing

[2013-05-15 20:11]

A Traditional Chinese Medicine help line in English was launched in Beijing on Wednesday.

Two-thirds of Chinese families 'not very happy'

[2013-05-15 19:27]

Two-thirds of Chinese families are "not very happy" regarding such factors as health, interpersonal relations, social security and social equity, according to a new report.

Anniversary quake drill jolts students

[2013-05-13 16:56]

Students from Yingxiu Middle School in Wenchuan county, Sichuan province conduct an earthquake drill on May 12, 2013, the fifth anniversary of the magnitude-8.0 earthquake that jolted Southwest China’s Sichuan in 2008. Wenchuan was one of the hardest-hit areas.

15,000 tour memorial hall on quake anniversary

[2013-05-13 16:53]

Some 15,000 people visited the Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Hall in Beichuan county, Southwest China's Sichuan province on the fifth anniversary of the magnitude-8 quake on May 12,2013.

Tourism biz cools off amid austerity drive

[2013-05-10 15:16]

An austerity campaign launched in China has produced a chilling effect on the tourism industry, with travel agencies having to realign their strategies to heat up their profits.

Rural tourism flourishes in quake zone

[2013-05-08 18:48]

many residents in Li county of Aba Tibetan autonomous prefecture have embarked on the path toward wealth by opening local villages to tourists.

Eco-conservation bears fruit in Inner Mongolia

[2013-05-08 13:13]

The practice of eco-conservation in Alxa league in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, carried out by Chinese entrepreneurs, has benefited both the local government and residents, a scholar said on Monday.

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