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Taking the longer road home

[2013-12-23 17:57]

I was floored both by the unexpected nature of the day's events and the unbelievable kindness and openness showed by the residents of that small village outside of Yangshuo.

The wonders of Zhangjiajie

[2013-12-20 09:34]

Taking a part in the Hunan Province Foreigner Photography contest has been nothing less than spectacular.

My trip in Tangwanghe, NE China

[2013-12-17 14:27]

What I cherish about the memory, however, is not that I was interesting to the locals, but rather how lucky I was to be amongst the few outsiders to witness the unadulterated beauty of rural China.

Have I become a 'dama'?

[2013-11-26 10:19]

While perusing some stories trending across China this morning, I came across one about Chinese words becoming popular in the West. Such as tuhao, guanxi, dama --- wait a minute, this one hit a nerve.

One great chance

[2013-11-08 09:14]

The best part of my job was to see people coming back to hotel, when they recognized me were happy to share their adventures, burdens, thoughts with me.

How I feel Chinese in China

[2013-10-29 16:19]

From Chinese people I have learnt the message of harmony, peace and respect and I would play the role of an ambassador to promote and convey this message.

Beijing last link in love story

[2013-10-22 19:28]

DeGroot: The Great Wall of China is the last love lock I care about as it's a place that we both would love to visit and would be perfect for her to go see it and just have that symbol there for her.

Hospital search in Shanghai

[2013-09-23 15:18]

I have been visiting this hospital for several months and I must say those people who underestimate the Chinese local hospitals are at mistake because they haven't done their research properly.

Curiosity sparks a journey of surprise

[2013-08-22 09:28]

I wondered why a remarkable place has been left in such a deplorable condition. One could relax, take a good walk, and get closer to nature.

Study Chinese in China

[2013-08-09 16:28]

My story encompasses a mission to study Chinese in China and how it led me to starting a successful education business called China Immersion.

Showing your love - Chinese style

[2013-06-21 17:09]

Most of us would like love to last a lifetime. 30 yuan for a binding padlock is a small price to pay.

My Chinese family

[2013-06-18 10:18]

This simple difference in attitude is something that we in the west can learn from Chinese culture, it not only opens up more opportunities, but also seems a more natural and social way of living life.

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