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  • Acupuncture

    2010-08-18 13:42

    The Chinese traditional medical treatment of acupuncture or piercing the body with a needle is a treatment which focuses on the inside from the outside.

  • Scraping your illness away

    2010-08-18 13:42

    Scraping is a technique which developed from traditional Chinese medicine theory. The earliest tool was a special kind of stone "bian shi".

  • Trying out traditional medicine

    2010-08-18 13:42

    Zhen jiu is a therapy that combines both acupuncture-the inserting and manipulating of needles into pressure points-and moxibustion.

  • TCM going global with govt-backed alliance

    2010-08-11 08:33

    A government-backed industry alliance to further promote traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) throughout the world has been launched in Beijing - the first such organization in the country.

  • Exports of TCM reaches $1.46b: official

    2010-08-09 11:04

    Exports of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the global market were valued at $1.46 billion, Wang Guoqiang, director of the State Administration of TCM, said Saturday.

  • TCM is traveling across the globe

    2010-08-03 08:27

    Thirty-one doctors from 14 countries arrived at a university in North China's Shanxi province last week to learn the traditional Chinese way of curing the sick.

  • First nationwide study on TCM to release in Nov

    2010-08-03 08:08

    China has completed its first nationwide study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as it is currently practiced and a report on the findings is expected in November.

  • TLC and TCM help 'hanging garden' grow

    2010-07-21 07:58

    In an area full of shabby bungalows north of the Temple of Heaven in southern Beijing, a garden is perched on the roof of a traditional courtyard home.

  • TCM therapy helps lose weight in NE China

    2010-06-21 16:54

    A patient undergoes cupping treatment, a traditional Chinese remedy, at a weight loss centre in Changchun, northeast China's Jilin province June 21, 2010.

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