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Scraping your illness away

Updated: 2009-12-23 09:56

Interview: Wang Guangtao, Doctor, Beijing Massage Hospital

Scraping is a technique which developed from traditional Chinese medicine theory. The earliest tool was a special kind of stone “bian shi”. With the development of the means of production, scraping tools have changed, now encompassing materials such as jade. Coins and spoons can be used as tools for scraping as well.

This therapy originated in the Paleolithic Age. When people were sick, they instinctively used their hands, or stone stroking, thumping one area of the body, and sometimes that could relieve their pains or even cure the disease. Through long-term practice, scraping has become one of a very wide range of natural therapies to fight illness.

It is practised by scraping against channels and acupuncture points on one's skin until his blood condenses into red dots. It heals due to the sweat exuded through pores during the treatment.

Scraping has a long history in China. Many people know the therapeutic effect, but don’t know scraping can also promote metabolism and improve general health.

Interview: Wang Guangtao, Doctor, Beijing Massage Hospital

A lot of people, because of their fast-paced busy work, exercise less, and feel physically uncomfortable. However ,scraping can significantly improve this situation.

Scraping is now widely used in hospitals. Almost all sufferers of disease who are given treatment, say they enjoy prevention of illness and rehabilitation from disease due to the traditional practice.

Video & Story:Cong Fangjun

Camera:Zhang Xiao