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My main duty is to serve the people

[2016-07-01 07:53]

I joined the CPC when I was 20. The competition was intense, and only a few outstanding students were selected. I applied when I enrolled in college, but I finally was admitted the Party just before I graduated.

CPC membership becomes more diverse

[2016-07-01 08:07]

In 1921, the Party had a mere 50 members, but now it has more than 88 million, resulting in higher standards and more applicants from a wide range of backgrounds. Peng Yining reports.

Party profiles: Agriculturalist Yuan Longping

[2016-06-16 11:19]

Yuan Longping, a Chinese agriculturalist, was born in Qianyang, Hunan province in 1930. Professor Yuan graduated from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953 and has since devoted himself to agricultural education and research.

President Xi calls late forestry professor role model for CPC members

[2016-06-16 11:06]

President Xi Jinping has praised the deeds of a late forestry professor, who championed poverty alleviation through afforestation, saying he should be a role model for members of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Tribute to a grassroots leader

[2016-06-16 16:09]

After retiring, former government official Yang Shanzhou spent 22 years planting trees and bringing relative prosperity to a small town in Yunnan province. Yang Wanli reports.

Xi Jinping meets model workers

[2013-04-30 20:30]

Hybrid rice researcher Yuan Longping told President Xi Jinping on Sunday that he hopes his hybrid rice will one day be grown throughout the world.

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