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Xi's words ring true across the nation

By Erik Nilsson (China Daily) Updated: 2016-07-02 08:25

It was a moment in history - a time to look forward, a time to look back.

That is, to reflect, in every sense.

The reality it reflects is that the Communist Party of China has remained true to its mission - to improve people's lives.

It was an instant of gazing out from within - and seeing the words spoken by CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping reflected as realities not only inside but also outside the Great Hall of the People.

The 95th anniversary of the Party's founding was more than a celebration. It was also a reflection on how far it has come and how it should navigate the future.

That is, by remaining faithful to its origins.

Xi's words resonate with what I've witnessed over my decade of traveling throughout China, often to far-flung destinations.

I've watched remote communities in geologically hazardous areas transform to the point they're barely recognizable in just a few years.

That's not to mention drastic urban development.

Xi also addressed corruption - another challenge in which progress is conspicuous.

The anti-graft campaign is palpable. It's felt not only by officials but also by ordinary people, who celebrate it with genuine gratitude. It's not an abstraction or slogan but something material and tangible.

It stays true to the mission.

The Party has changed with China and the world. But it also has, in turn, transformed the country and its global position.

It has done this through adjustment, experimentation and innovation.

The very fact several foreigners were invited to the anniversary testifies to the CPC's openness and inclusiveness. It shows the Party is looking outward and well as inward.

It's another reflection of how Xi's words inside the Great Hall of the People resonate with realities outside the venue.

That is, throughout the country and the world.

Attending was an honor.

But the greatest joy is knowing the words spoken in the venue ring true outside its doors, from Shanghai's Bund to the most isolated village on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

And that reflects how the Party is staying true to its mission.

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Xi's words ring true across the nation

(China Daily 07/02/2016 page3)

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