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Red Tourism boosts economy and history

[2016-09-23 10:04]

Even a busload of journalists is not enough to fully record and encapsulate the experience of living through war.

Guizhou: It's not just Moutai that will leave you intoxicated

[2016-09-12 12:57]

The economic turnaround is just one part of the story. By far the most interesting chapter – and the one that will change the landscape of this mountainous province – is its natural beauty.

Retracing the Long March is a lesson in diversity

[2016-09-30 13:56]

It‘s difficult to fathom, but the Long March began when 86,000 Red Army soldiers somehow snuck out of the besieged Jiangxi province, with Nationalist leaders being none the wiser.

Domestic travel supports communities

[2016-09-23 15:00]

There is a lot out there, and by exploring more of rural China it will not only be good for my wanderlust but also the communities I visit.

Gansu village marches to new future

[2016-09-21 09:57]

It takes two hours' drive on a slightly bumpy and winding road for our bus to arrive at Zhoujiawan village. The view of the grand mountain and the terrace fields along the way is impressive. Unfortunately, a beautiful view does not equal a decent life.

Sustainable growth for mountain village

[2016-09-20 15:56]

I visited my friend's farm this spring. She and her husband had just started a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm in northeastern Iowa, so I drove up to Turkey River Farm to check it out.

Lanzhou's march into the global economy

[2016-09-19 10:18]

Our Long March Press Tour troop transport drove along a wide, smooth avenue, flanked on either side by skinny trees and brand new buildings. As we pulled into the industrial park, I couldn't help but notice the fresh paint and pristine pavement. This is a dramatically different city from the one I remember.

Years of struggle and sacrifice that led to success

[2016-09-15 17:38]

Just as in the West, where we remember the many fallen who gave their lives in both world wars to ensure that future generations would not live under tyranny, China rightly remembers its heroes of the Long March, whose bitter struggles would ultimately help build a better tomorrow.

Bearing witness to the Long March of progress

[2016-09-14 09:45]

Everywhere you look in Sichuan province there is beauty to be found. From the mountainous landscapes and unique local architecture to the hospitality of the people, every day here brings with it some fresh delight.

Huamao village: A rags-to-riches story

[2016-09-13 08:53]

One year ago, President Xi Jinping made a stop in Huamao village of Zunyi city that has been lifted out of poverty in recent years.

Guizhou: A red province in motion

[2016-09-12 14:50]

Cameras constantly clicked to capture the contrast between the glowing red stars hanging on the bridge on the attractive Chishui River and high-rise buildings at various stages of completion in Moutai, a town filled with fragrance of liquor in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Guiyang: City of spices and scenery

[2016-09-06 09:32]

It looked like any other noodle and had a lovely name, Roumo Pepper Rice Noodle, so why even after staring at it for past one minute I was hesitant to try it? Well, don't let the name fool you.

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