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Hearing impaired woman cycles 2,400 kilometers to Tibet

(People's Daily Online) Updated: 2016-09-02 10:17

Hearing impaired woman cycles 2,400 kilometers to Tibet

Huang Lei stops to enjoy the beautiful scenery on her way to Tibet. [Photo/]

Huang Lei, 31, is a hearing impaired woman living in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province. She recently completed a 24-day riding trip from Chengdu to Tibet, together with four male companions who are also hearing impaired. The total distance of the trip was 2,400 kilometers.

Huang is a dance teacher at a special education school in Ganzhou. She could even not ride a bicycle until 2014. Huang and her team did two months of intense training before their Tibet trip. Their original goal was to spend one month riding from Chengdu to the Everest Base Camp. However, due to weather and physical limitations, they ultimately chose Lhasa as their final destination.

"We encountered landslides many times on the way. The roads had been cut off," said Huang. To save time, they carried their bicycles on their backs and walked over the mountains. The whole team arrived at Lhasa on Aug. 8.

"Even though I cannot hear, I have seen the most beautiful scenery," Huang said upon arrival. Everyone on the team cried with joy, and Huang cried the loudest.

"I feel I have conquered myself," she said.


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