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China's minimum wage increase slowing down: statistics

( Updated: 2016-05-31 13:18

Statistics indicate China's yearly minimum wage increase appears to be slowing, and the increases are unevenly distributed across the country, the China Economic Weekly reports.

Seven provinces and municipalities including Shandong, Shanghai, and Tianjin announced their minimum wage increases for 2016 on May 26.

Shanghai ranked the highest with a monthly minimum wage of 2,190 yuan ($332.66), while Qinghai ranked last with 1,270 yuan ($192.91).

The minimum wage is closely related to local economic output, with Qinghai's GDP also remaining among the lowest in the country.

In addition to the seven provinces that made adjustments this year, only 22 provinces made adjustments last year, indicating that some provinces have not adjusted their minimum wage in almost two years.

Statistics show the adjustment amount has also decreased in some areas.

According to China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, over the past five years China's average minimum wage increased by 13.1 percent every year.

Only 13 provinces exceeded this level in their latest adjustments.

Experts say the decrease is attributable to the slowdown of China's economy.

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