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Chinese 'Iron Man' battles tumor for 17 years

( Updated: 2015-09-28 15:02

Chinese 'Iron Man' battles tumor for 17 years

This combo photo shows Hu Yongsheng, a man suffering from Pheochromocytoma for 17 years, and the X-ray photo of his body. [Photo/Beijing Times]

Braced by dozens of implants and nails in his body, a man from North China's Shanxi province has demonstrated strong faith in life in his seesaw battle with a tumor, according to Beijing Times.

Suffering from Pheochromocytoma over the past 17 years, Hu Yongsheng, now 33, is living with 7 titanium plates, 46 nails and multiple cemented bones in his body, which were implanted during 11 surgeries.

Hu's mother said he had to deal with unbearable pain during the treatments, but has always been strong and optimistic, calling himself an "Iron Man".

Never surrendering to the disease, Hu finished technical secondary school and found a job in marketing.

In 2011, Hu's illness worsened, forcing him to become bedridden.

Hu said he will try even the riskiest treatment to contain the disease. "Fighting till the last moment is better than waiting and dying," he said.

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