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China to upgrade transport infrastructures in Tibet

[2014-07-28 20:35]

China has vowed to further promote the development of transport infrastructures in Tibet to make travels on "the roof of the world" much easier.

China technically prepares for Qinghai-Tibet Expressway

[2014-10-07 20:46]

China has the capability to build an expressway linking up Tibet autonomous region and Qinghai province if major technical barriers are overcome.

China encourages industry restructuring in western regions

[2014-09-26 15:06]

China has issued a set of tailor-made lists of industries eligible for preferential policies.

China invests 30b yuan on Tibet water infrastructure

[2014-08-25 10:59]

China invested a total of 30 billion yuan on water infrastructure projects in the Tibet autonomous region in the last two decades.

Developed regions to aid Tibetan areas

[2014-08-25 10:30]

Four developed regions in China will provide one-to-one help to Tibetan autonomous prefectures, according to an action plan released in August.

Cataract project aids thousands in Tibet

[2014-08-23 07:56]

A project offering free cataract surgery has helped more than 30,000 blind people regain their eyesight in the Tibet autonomous region.

Xi stresses better transport for Tibet

[2014-08-07 11:04]

President Xi Jinping has called for improvements to transport infrastructure in Tibet autonomous region to boost the high-altitude region's development.

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