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History of China's State-owned enterprise

[2013-11-12 14:43]

Backgrounder: history of China's State-owned enterprise

Wealth disparity at alarming level

[2013-11-12 14:23]

Another important issue expected to be addressed at the third plenum is China's wealth gap. So how urgent is the need for reforms in this area?

Who pays for China's urbanization?

[2013-11-08 11:17]

HSBC estimates total fiscal cost on 260 million migrant workers in cities (public housing and children's education) is 6.24 trillion yuan.

Need to define land rights

[2013-11-08 10:57]

Rural land reform is crucial for China's future growth because it can unleash farmers' spending power.

Tax regime needs to keep a pace with growth

[2013-11-07 16:53]

At the upcoming plenary session, fiscal reforms can be expected. Professor Liu shares his views.

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