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Zhou's former colleagues who have been probed

( Updated: 2014-07-29 19:42

From Sichuan province

Li Chongxi, former chairman of the top political advisory body in Sichuan province, was probed in December 2013.

Li Chuncheng, former vice secretary of the CPC Sichuan provincial committee, was investigated in December 2012.

Guo Yongxiang, former vice governor of Sichuan province, was probed in June 2013. Guo was a former secretary of Zhou Yongkang.

Tan Li, vice governor of Hainan province who used to work for 37 years in Sichuan, was probed on July 8.

Xu Mengjia, former Party secretary of Ya'an city, was probed in December 2013.

He Huanzhang, former mayor of Suining city, was probed on March 24.

Pu Zhong, former executive vice mayor of Ya'an city, was probed in December 2013.

Wu Lianqi, former vice mayor of Guangyuan city, was expelled from the Party organization in February 2014.

Zou Ping, former vice mayor of Nanchong city, was probed on March 13, 2014.

An Xiaoyu, former vice president of Sichuan University, was probed on December 18, 2013.

Hu Xiangquan, a former official from Sichuan provincial department of agriculture, was probed on Jan 7, 2014.

Wen Jiabi, a former official of Sichuan Society of Red Cross, was probed on Feb 19, 2014.

Wu Tao, former head of the Jinjiang public security bureau of Chengdu city, was tried on Nov 20, 2013.

Yuan Ling, former Party secretary of Peng'an county, was probed in September 2013.

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