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China calls on support for Afghanistan

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-06-26 09:31

UNITED NATIONS - China on Wednesday called on the international community to strengthen support for Afghanistan, saying that the country's own economic development is a basis for its durable peace and stability.

"The international community should effectively honor its relevant commitment and strengthen its support to Afghanistan for its realization of economic development and social progress," said Wang Min, China's deputy permanent representative to the UN, at an open meeting of the UN Security Council.

On the second round of Afghanistan's presidential election, Wang said that China has noticed the latest turn of events on ballot counting.

"We hope all parties involved can deal with the problems properly through dialogue. China respects the Afghan people's choice and believes a stable and smooth election will help the country to get on the track of peace, stability and development," he said.

Wang held that on the basis of fully respecting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, the international community should adhere to the Afghan-led and Afghan-managed principle, support Afghans in their efforts to overcome various challenges during the transitional period.

"China is deeply concerned over the unabated civilian casualties as a result of terrorist and violent attacks in Afghanistan," Wang said, adding that relevant parties should provide effective support for Afghanistan's national security force for resuming its responsibility on security and assist the country in strengthening its troops and police capacity.

"China hopes to see a unified, stable, developed and friendly Afghanistan," he said.

Over a long time, China has been providing Afghanistan with large amounts of economic and social development assistance, helping building hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructure projects. In addition, China has actively participated in regional cooperation on Afghanistan and has made its contribution to facilitating Afghanistan's peace and rebuilding process.

The fourth foreign ministerial conference of the Istanbul Process On Afghanistan will be held in Tianjin, China in August.

"China would like to closely cooperate with Afghanistan and the international community and facilitate the conference to send a clear and positive signal of supporting Afghanistan's political, economic and security transition," Wang said.

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