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Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

( Updated: 2014-03-02 08:27

China Daily website brings the latest news, photos, and comments about the terrorist attack in Kunming, Yunnan province, on Saturday night.

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

Blood donors can still be seen on the Nanping Street, Kunming at 9:00 pm Sunday. [Photo by Xue Dan/]

People pay tribute to victims

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

A memorial service for victims of Saturday's massacre is held in the south square of the railway station in Kunming on Sunday evening. [Photo by Zhang Jun, China News Service]

Reporter's log

"I saw a city standing strong and unified after the mass attack. The medical staff rushed to rescue the wounded, while local residents stood waiting for more than four hours to donate their blood to the victims."

"There were also volunteers who paid tribute to the killed by laying wreaths and bundles of flowers near the crime scene. Many local residents came to hand out water, food and other nutriments to police and the injured victims. Many friends of mine sent me messages via WeChat, asking me what they can do for Kunming."

(by Zhang Wenling, a China Youth Daily reporter who currently covers the news in Kunming)

Business stagnates after attack

Customers were reduced by almost one-third of the usual on Sunday, said Ma Shan, owner of a Muslim restaurant in Kunming. Ma said she was shocked after reading the news of the killing spree on Saturday carried out by terrorists. "The very few terrorists not only undermined ethnic unity, but also affected businesses like ours," said Ma, adding she hoped the authorities will nab all the attackers as soon as possible.

Schools on alert

All primary schools and middle schools in Kunming will be opened with enhanced safety measures on Monday. (Xinhua)

Sportsmen comment on attack

Yao Ming, the retired basketball star, said the Kunming attack is an atrocity against innocent people. Liu Xiang, track and field star, condemned the attack as "an indignation to both human and gods".

Both Yao and Liu made the remarks in Beijing before the annual CPPCC session.  

Airport in order

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists
The Changshui International Airport in Kunming stays in order on Sunday afternoon. [Photo/]

Official condemns attack

"This is a shocking incident. Efforts must be taken in accordance with law enforcement to combat the terrorists and ensure the safety of the lives and properties of the Chinese people," Lv Xinhua, spokesperson of the second session of the 12th national committee of the CPPCC, said at a news conference on Sunday

He added that the attack was obviously planned by Xinjiang terrorists, and was ruthless and anti-human given that the victims were armless ordinary people.

No expats hurt

There have been no reports of foreigners being among the killed or injured in a deadly Saturday terror attack in China's Yunnan province as of 2:30 pm Sunday.

Blood donation


Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists
A blood donation site at Nanping Street, Kunming.[Photo/]

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists
All types of blood are needed, says a notice. [Photo/]


People mourn the victims

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

A bunch of flowers is placed oustside the Kunming railway station, March 2, 2014. [Photo/]

Trains on track

The railway system has not been affected by the attacks and has been functioning well in Kunming since last night, according to the Kunming Railway Bureau.

Blood donation sites set up

Twelve blood donation sites have been set up in Kunming since the attack with many residents waiting in line to donate blood.
Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

Medical support

Doctors from Beijing hospitals have arrived in Kunming to assist the rescue efforts. 

Airport security

Beijing Capital International Airport has boosted security after the terror attack in Kunming, an airport staff member told China Daily.


Premier Li Keqiang asked local authorities to hunt down the suspects, and requested public security departments at all levels strengthen prevention and control measures to guarantee the safety of public places.  


Xiaoxiang Morning News said a female suspect caught in the deadly attack may provide the key clue in the police investigation. The suspect is currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists


Hot on Weibo

A woman surnamed Zhao is looking for her son who was lost in the Kunming railway station after the attack. Her husband was also injured in the attack. The message has been forwarded more than 103,000 times.

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

Front pages

The attack made the front pages of many newspapers in China.

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

Security official

Top Chinese security official Meng Jianzhu on Sunday morning visited injured civilians and families of the deceased.


The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned in the strongest terms the terrible attack on civilians. He expressed condolences to the bereaved families and wished the wounded a speedy recovery.

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists
A man injured in an attack receives treatment at a hopsital in Kunming, Yunnan province, March 2, 2014. [Photo/Xinhua]


Teorrist attack 

KUNMING - Evidence at the crime scene showed that the Kunming Railway Station terrorist attack was orchestrated by Xinjiang terrorist forces, the municipal government said Sunday.

At least 29 innocent people died, and more than 130 were injured in the attack as of 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, the local authorities said.

A group of knife-wielding people attacked the Kunming Railway Station in the capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province at around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Currently the investigation to the case is underway. Injured people have been rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. And according to Kunming railway bureau, train departures have not been affected.

The authorities vowed to crack down on violent terrorist activities in all forms and guarantee the safety of people's lives and property.

Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

The baggage unclaimed at the Kunming Railway Station on Saturday night. [Photo/China News]

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Railway attack orchestrated by terrorists

Police cardon off a site of an attack at a railway station in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan province, March 1, 2014. [Photo by Xue Dan/]

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