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Quick relief for quake victims

Updated: 2013-04-30 09:37

Volunteers from the EMBA association of business school of Sichuan University drove three trucks fully loaded with essential goods to Lushan county eight days after it was devastated by the earthquake.

The supplies the volunteers collected from donations were sent to three villages seriously hit by the quake, Wuxing, Wangjia and Qinglongchang, where half of the houses had collapsed and nearly no safe place to go existed.

In Wangjia village, five people were killed and two died in each of the other two villages.

After the quake, relief and help from all sides was offered to quake-hit areas, but some remote villages still lack necessities.

Quick relief for quake victims

Volunteers from the EMBA association of business school of Sichuan University get ready to leave for Lushan county with the donated goods they collected. [Photo/]

Lin Yuke, the executive chairman of the association, said, "Members of the association care about what happened in the disaster a lot. It took us only one day to get all goods ready."

The donated materials were purchased according to villagers' needs, including tents, rain gear,generators, flashlights, rice, noodles, oil and food.

Rescue teams had sent a large amount of food and water before, but the older villagers could not sustain just eating instant noodles and biscuits long term. The rice and other food supplies sent by the association were in need, and the generators and flashlights solved the urgent electricity problem.

"I think it is good that the things we need were sent directly and quickly, and we don't need to write an application," said Le Honghu, head of Qinglongchang village.

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