Premier Li attends East Asia leaders meetings, visits Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam

  • China, ASEAN spark up energy cooperation

    2013-11-08 15:00

    China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are looking forward to more cooperation on energy matters with a new preferential policy now making its effect felt.

  • ASEAN student ranks swell

    2013-10-16 00:52

    The number of students in China from member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has increased in tandem with bilateral trade.

  • Li calls SE Asian tour 'complete success'

    2013-10-15 22:07

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang used "a complete success" to describe his attendance to a series of East Asian leaders' meetings in Brunei and his visit to three Southeast Asian countries.
    China, Vietnam to boost cooperation

  • Chinese premier back in Beijing

    2013-10-15 21:32

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang returned to Beijing on Tuesday after attending the East Asia leaders meetings and official visits to Brunei, Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Charting a sea of peace

    2013-10-11 07:23

    Premier Li Keqiang said that freedom of navigation in the South China Sea has never been an issue and will never be one.

  • A region of friendship

    2013-10-15 07:22

    Premier Li's tour to Southeast Asia underlines that China's good-neighborly policy toward ASEAN countries is a long-term strategic choice.

  • Foreign media highlight Li's SE Asia visit

    2013-10-14 20:09

    Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean and other foreign media continued to closely follow Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's ongoing Southeast Asian tour, saying it boosted trade and promoted the economic prosperity in the region.

  • China on track to rail link with neighbors

    2013-10-13 07:18

    China has been steadily pushing rail to connect the world's second-largest economy with its neighbors in Southeast Asia, and it is taking a practical approach to realizing the goal, industry insiders said.

  • Sino-ASEAN degree recognition in the works

    2013-10-13 07:17

    Malaysian student Winnie Tan realizes she is in a fortunate position as the degree she earned at Peking University is also recognized in her home country.

  • Highlights: Premier Li at East Asia leaders' meetings

    2013-10-12 11:22

    Highlights of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at East Asia leaders' meetings in Brunei from Oct 9-11.

  • Premier vows to lift maritime cooperation

    2013-10-12 00:27

    Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Thursday to strengthen maritime cooperation with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, while calling on countries in the region to resolve territorial and maritime disputes through friendly consultation.

  • China enhances political trust with East Asian neighbors

    2013-10-11 19:06

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday concluded a visit to Brunei, where he also attended gatherings of the East Asian leaders and proposed a number of new ideas and measures to deepen regional cooperation.

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