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Great strides made in the post-quake reconstruction

  • A quake survivor's tale

    2013-05-15 08:05

    Bian Gangfen's family had started to give up hope she would be found alive after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. But Bian knew she would live to see her loved ones again.

  • Devastated city recovers 5 years after quake

    2013-05-13 16:52

    An industrial city that was hit hard by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake is depending on the new energy industry to support its reconstruction.

  • Intimate problems solved for Wenchuan quake victims

    2013-05-11 00:47

    The first question people paralyzed in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake asked was how they would live without being able to walk. Later, they wondered how they would make love.

  • Museums educate, commemorate

    2013-05-09 13:42

    Relics from the 2008 earthquake are exhibited throughout the disaster zone to remember the past and prepare for the future.

  • Godmother offers a guiding hand

    2013-05-09 13:26

    The 57-year-old Wang Zhihang has taken care of more than 140 children who lost legs in the 2008 temblor.

  • 'Our town is more beautiful"

    2013-05-09 15:45

    Rebuilding Hongbai after the 2008 quake was arduous but worthwhile, its former leader says.

  • An idyllic life reborn in Wenchuan

    2013-05-09 14:31

    Underdeveloped settlements surrounding the Wenchuan quake's epicenter have been rebuilt to resemble areas in advanced countries.

  • Wolong: Grin and bear it

    2013-05-09 14:27

    While the 2008 quake killed multitudes of people in cities, it could help more rare pandas survive in the wild.

  • Turbine maker turns around

    2013-05-09 14:16

    The post-quake relocation of Dongfang Turbine Co's base brings improvements and pressures for workers.

  • A new career, a new family

    2013-05-09 13:39

    Rather than return to his previous trade, Yang started Epicenter Restaurant, at first to feed rescuers and volunteers, and later to serve tourists who visit Yingxiu’s quake ruins and the Cave of 10,000 Dead mass grave.

  • Lessons applied to Lushan quake

    2013-05-09 14:40

    Rescuers, local governments and schools benefit from the experience of five years ago.

  • Dujiangyan leads reconstruction

    2013-05-09 14:29

    Dujiangyan has gone from being among the Wenchuan quake zone's most devastated cities to one of its best-restored.

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