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Questions for Cameron from Weibo

Updated: 2013-12-03 13:29

Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron is asking Sina Weibo users to leave their questions for him on his account, newly opened for his Dec 2-4 China tour. These were some of the most popular questions from among 17,163 submitted---they either won many "likes" or were asked by multiple users. Some of them might make you laugh and make Cameron frown.

1. Could you please ask BBC Sherlock to speed up filming? (632 likes)

2. How do you treat online rumors? (161 likes)

3. Tony Blair really had an affair? (103 likes, poking at rumors about the former prime minister and Wendi Deng)

4. What are the immigration policies to UK? (84 likes)

5. How is Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, doing? (79 likes)

6. We have bad traffic and air pollution, could you please help introduce energy saving technologies to China? And lift the ban on Chinese high-tech product exports? (24 likes)

7. I just heard that Tom Daley is gay. How many British males are straight? (22 likes)

8. The visa form for Chinese nationals to South Korea is half-page, European visa is three pages, US is five pages, while for UK----10 pages!! And UK has various types of visa, very confusing, often need to refill the whole set.

9. Less tuition fees for overseas students!

10. When will the visa-free policy apply to Chinese nationals?

11. Do British people eat genetically modified food?

12. UK government did a great job on curbing air pollution, could you please share with us your experience?

13. Does your wife cook often? When do you usually finish work?

14. Will UK government resume the Post Study Work Visa program? I'm going to graduate and really want to stay and work there.

15. How do you see Arsenal's chance of winning the Premier League?

16. I heard that you will eat Chongqing hot pot? Do you like it?

17. Do you like the BBC sitcom Yes Minister? Do you think the Chancellor of the Exchequer is coveting your spot?

Want to ask/view more questions? Please visit David Cameron's weibo account.

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