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HK chief urges safety of islands activists

Updated: 2012-08-14 18:16
( Xinhua)

HONG KONG - Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying Tuesday called on people, who are heading for the Diaoyu Islands to proclaim China's sovereignty over the area, to pay special attention to their personal safety.

A total of 14 activists including one from China's mainland, one from Macao and the rest from Hong Kong, on board of vessel " Kai Fung 2" set off from Tsim Sha Tsui pier in Hong Kong on Sunday for the Diaoyu Islands in East China Sea, 120 miles to the northeast of Taiwan.

They have arrived in Taiwan to restock.

Leung said to the media here Tuesday that the weather near Taiwan is unstable due to the approach of a tropical storm, while expressing his concern for the people on board.

He said the Hong Kong government will follow up the situation of the weather as far as possible.

He also said that considering the activists' safety the Hong Kong Police had tried to stop the vessel from sailing out of Hong Kong waters but finally failed. The Police, however, had to take into account the safety of people on board the vessel as well as its officers when enforcement is taken.