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2,270 elected to attend CPC's Congress

Updated: 2012-08-13 19:43
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - A total of 2,270 delegates have been elected to attend the upcoming 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), according to an official statement released on Monday.

President Hu Jintao and another eight members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee were included in the list of names.

About 50 more delegates will attend the 18th CPC National Congress than the number that attended the 17th National Congress five years ago.

The delegates, who were elected from across the country from April to July this year when local CPC committees held their own congresses, will need to pass a qualification check to get final approval to attend the congress, according to the statement.

"The structure of the delegates has met the proportion requirements of the CPC Central Committee, and the CPC members are extensively represented," the statement said.

The delegates include not only Party leaders at various levels, but also grassroots members and people from various sectors, including the economy, science and technology, national defense, politics and the judicial sector, education, publicity, culture, health care, sports and social management.

In an effort to better represent its members, the CPC pledged to include more delegates from grassroots organizations, such as migrant workers, at the upcoming congress.

The minimum proportion of grassroots delegates should be 32 percent, two percentage points higher than that of the previous congress in 2007, while the maximum proportion of leaders at various levels should be 68 percent, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee said.

Also, worker delegates must comprise 10 percent of the total and should be made up of people from both public and private enterprises in the industrial and service sectors.

Moreover, the statement said each delegate passed through strict electoral procedures.

Their nominations and elections were all carried out in accordance with relevant procedures, the statement said, adding that the process adhered to the principle of democratic centralization and gave full play to intra-Party democracy.

The elected delegates will represent more than 82 million CPC members to attend the Party's 18th National Congress, which is scheduled to be held in the second half of this year in Beijing.