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10 killed, 4 missing in NE China storm

Updated: 2012-08-12 13:48
( Xinhua)

SHENYANG - Ten people have been confirmed dead and four remain missing in Northeast China's Liaoning province following a severe storm that hit the region last week, according to statistics released on Sunday.

Torrential rains brought by typhoon Damrey hit Liaoning from Aug 3 to 4. Rainfall in some parts of the province is believed to have reached a 500-year high, the provincial flood prevention and drought control office reported.

Flooding resulting from the rains damaged 20 dams and destroyed 31,379 houses. More than 2.59 million people were affected, with 520,600 people evacuated. Direct economic losses are estimated to be 21.9 billion yuan ($3.45 billion), the office said.

Natural disasters, mainly floods and hailstorms, left 402 people dead and 91 missing in July across the country, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.