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Mother of young rape victim heads home

Updated: 2012-08-11 19:41
( Xinhua/

CHANGSHA - The petitioning mother of a rape victim began her journey home on Saturday after being released from a labor camp in central China's Hunan province, saying she will continue her pursuit of justice.

Mother of young rape victim heads home

Tang Hui sobs as she embarks on the bus journey home in Yongzhou of Central China's Hunan province. The photo is taken in Changsha, capital of the province on Aug 11, 2012. Local authorities released Tang from a labor camp on Friday, where she was ordered last week to serve an 18-month term for "disturbing social order and exerting a negative impact on society." Tang was challenging the sentences handed down to the men who abducted, raped and prostituted her 11-year-old daughter. Tang's case triggered a public outrage questioning the local justice system. Authorities also said they would investigate Tang's claim that police falsified evidence in her daughter's case. [Photo/Xinhua]

Tang Hui, who was sent to the camp after campaigning for harsher punishments for those who were found guilty of raping and prostituting her then 11-year-old daughter, bowed in gratitude before a group of reporters.

"I will express your love to my daughter," Tang said before boarding a coach with her husband in the city of Changsha. "She was very happy to hear about my release."

Tang Hui was sent to the Reeducation Through Labor Center in the city of Yongzhou on August 2 to serve an 18-month sentence for "seriously disturbing social order and exerting a negative impact on society" after she petitioned for justice in front of local government buildings.

The news of her detainment quickly set off a firestorm of public criticism. Tang was released on Friday, as the center said her daughter, now 17 years old, is still a minor and requires the mother's care.

Tang said she is considering settling down with her family in their hometown, located in the city's Lingling district.

She said she hopes her husband can find a stable job and therefore allow Tang to stay at home and spend more time with her daughter. The local government has promised to provide living subsidies for her family, she added.

Tang said she holds no grudges and will petition in a "legal and reasonable manner," adding that she believes authorities will uphold justice and fairness.

"I believe the world is beautiful, and kind-hearted people will have good ends," she said.

In October 2006, Tang's then 11-year-old daughter was kidnapped, raped and forced into prostitution. She performed over 100 sexual acts before being rescued on December 30, 2006.

On June 5 this year, the Hunan Provincial Higher People's Court sentenced two of the defendants to death. Four others were given life sentences and another one received a 15-year term.

Before and after the sentences were handed down, Tang had repeatedly petitioned in front of government buildings, complaining that the local police had falsified evidence to reduce the sentences of those involved in her daughter's case.

Local authorities said they have launched an investigation into Tang's claims.

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