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Traffic in flood-hit Liaoning back in order

Updated: 2012-08-05 12:13
( Xinhua)

SHENYANG - Although Typhoon Damrey has stopped affecting Northeast China's Liaoning province, it will take some time to get disrupted traffic back in order, local authorities said.

The typhoon-triggered flooding has left traffic services on 236 highways and three major railways suspended as of Sunday morning, according to the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau.

According to statistics from the provincial transportation department, traffic services on 24 major trunk highways, 36 county-level highways and 176 rural roads have been interrupted as of 6 am Sunday.

The provincial highway department has dispatched nearly 4,500 workers and 740 mechanical equipment to help with the rescue and repair work.

Passenger transport services are expected to resume gradually on Sunday, but vehicles heading for the port city of Dalian would be affected by flooding waters.

The services of three major railways through Liaoning, including the Beijing-Harbin, the Harbin-Dalian, and the Shenyang-Dandong railways, have also been disrupted as some sections of the railways were inundated by flood water.