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Moutai targets 'national wine' trademark

Updated: 2012-07-30 22:44

The application by Moutai for the trademark to be called the "national wine" has passed the first review, according to the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The result raised objections from other liquor enterprises in China, Beijing Times reported on July 30.

Xiao Zhuqing, an expert in the Chinese liquor industry, told the paper that if Moutai successfully acquired the trademark, other liquor enterprises would not be able to use "national" for their products anymore, so Moutai's act would harm the whole industry.

Wu dong, a lawyer with the Shanghai Huiye Law Firm, told the paper that registering "national wine" shows a hint of unfair competition and it's "ridiculous". Besides, drinking is harmful to people's health, so if Moutai uses "national wine" as its trademark, it could mislead consumers.

Tie Li, a famous Chinese liquor marketer, told the paper that Moutai's trademark has only passed the first examination, and it has brought up many objections, so the possibility of Moutai getting the trademark could be slim.