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Poachers arrested on charge of killing bears with bombs

Updated: 2012-07-04 20:09
By Liu Ce (

Police in Jilin province have arrested six men on suspicion of poaching five wild black bears on Changbai Mountain, local authorities told China Daily on July 4.

Yu Changchun, an official from the Forestry Department of Jilin province, said there was strong evidence against the suspects and charges will be laid.

"We will take prompt and strict measures on the case," Yu said.

Wildlife writer Hu Donglin first wrote about the death of the five bears on his micro blog in June, claiming the animals had been poisoned by poachers for the bears' gallbladders and paws.

However, on July 3 local police said the protected animals were not killed by poison, but by bombs. Police said they had seized a homemade shotgun, 20 bullets and two homemade explosive devices.

The suspects, who are in their 40s and 50s, have sold the bear products, including the gallbladders and paws.

The local government is investigating how the incident was able to occur and will punish any official person deemed to be liable.

"It is a relief to me and all animal lovers. I hope the government can make more efforts on fighting against poaching in the future," Hu said.