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Broad campaign needed to fight China's drug problem

Updated: 2012-06-26 21:38

The theme for the 25th International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, "Global Action for Healthy Communities without Drugs", emphasizes the importance of creating an environment without drugs.

The theme reminds China to review its approach to dealing with drug problems at home. Chinese authorities have cracked down on drug traffickers, but drug problems are still an issue, especially in Southwest China and big cities.

So what else needs to be done?

Punishing traffickers without eliminating the demand for drugs won't solve the problem. As long as demand is strong, traffickers will continue to look for new ways to distribute drugs, regardless of how it affects other people's lives. And the cat-and-mouse games will continue.

Chinese authorities should come up with more comprehensive solutions to address the drug business, and not just target trafficking channels.

China should coordinate all relevant authority departments to form a long-term mechanism to fight the drug problem, instead of relying on one campaign after another.

It's highly likely that the drug problem will continue to be a serious threat to public health and the safety and well-being of young people in China.

It is urgent that authorities develop anti-drug forces nationwide, and not only in the worst-hit areas, and arm them with professional devices and expertise.

Every penny spent in fight against drugs will be paid back in various benefits for public health, the national economy and social stability.

Raising the public's awareness of the harm caused by drug use and strengthening global cooperation with the international community are both important for China to create healthy environments at home and abroad.

Translated by Li Yang

from Legal Daily