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Submersible Jiaolong set for second dive

Updated: 2012-06-18 19:54
By Wang Qian (


Submersible Jiaolong set for second dive

China's deep-sea submersible Jiaolong is lifted out of water after a dive mission June 15, 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]


China's deep-sea submersible Jiaolong is expected to launch its second dive mission on Tuesday, if weather permits and the diving team is fully prepared, Xu Qinan, a researcher at the China Ship Scientific Research Center and Jiaolong's chief designer said on a telephone interview on June 18.

Xu's organization is affiliated with the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

Cui Weicheng, deputy commander-general of the diving team, told Xinhua News Agency that a leaking oil pipe detected Monday morning delayed the second dive.

"Changing the pipe will take two to three hours and there is not enough time for the 10-hour dive mission today, so we have to cancel it," Cui said.

Xu said that after the pipe is changed, the diving schedule won't be affected.

The submersible set a new national record by reaching the depth of 6,671 meters below the sea in the first dive on Friday, well surpassing the previous record of 5,188 reached in July.

The Jiaolong plans to make six dives to reach the depth of 7,000 meters. The mission has been affected and delayed by tropical storm Guchao several times.