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Premier Wen vows greater anti-corruption resolve

Premier Wen vows greater anti-corruption resolve

Updated: 2012-04-15 16:37


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BEIJING - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has promised more resolute measures to curb abuse of power and combat corruption in an article to be carried Monday by an influential magazine of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

In its final year of tenure, the government will continue to work for a clean government, further deepen reforms and improve institutional building, according to Wen's article to be published by Qiushi, or "Seeking Truth."

Titled "Let the power be exercised under the sunshine," the article dwells on the new achievements of China's governmental reform, the fight against corruption, the major tasks ahead when tackling corruption in 2012 and their implementation.

This year, priorities will be given to the reforms in the administrative examination and approval system, the allocation of public resources, the fiscal management system, administrative expenditure management and the financial management of administrative organs and state-owned enterprises, said the article.

The principle of "fighting corruption and building clean government" should be fully embodied when drafting legislation and regulations, social and economic policies as well as other important measures of reform, Wen wrote in the article.

The accountability mechanism should be intensified, Wen urged. Governments at all levels which are under-performing, allow important cases of corruption to occur, or fail to handle corruption cases in a timely manner will be held accountable.

The article says abuse of power can only be contained through wide and effective supervision. Governments at all levels should subject themselves to stricter administrative inspection and audit supervision, and be open to the supervision of the people.

Governments should immediately respond to and investigate problems reported by the people and the media, and publicize the results of investigation in a timely manner, said the article.