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  • FDI outlook darkens amid European debt crisis

    2012-06-15 08:59

    Foreign investment capital inflows may have slowed last month, and there might have even been an outflow driven by hedging risks, amid market worries over the European debt crisis and China's economic slowdown.

  • Germany top European investment country for Chinese firms

    2012-06-14 09:27

    Chinese entrepreneurs labeled Germany as the most attractive investment destination in Europe, a latest study showed Wednesday.

  • Belgium wants more Chinese investment

    2012-06-12 15:12

    Belgium wants to invite more Chinese investment in such industries as high tech and personal computing.

  • Eurozone woes hit telecoms

    2012-06-12 09:22

    Chinese telecom companies will encounter difficulties in Europe in the short term because of economic uncertainties and political risks, analysts said.

  • Weak euro lures students and tourists West

    2012-06-11 08:55

    The sharp drop in the value of the euro will be a great encouragement to Chinese students pursuing higher education in eurozone countries.

  • UnionPay: Chinese overseas spending surges in 2011

    2012-03-06 15:41

    Su Ning, board chairman of China UnionPay Co Ltd - the country's only credit card network, and a former deputy governor of China's central bank, said on Tuesday that overseas consumption from China continued to surge dramatically last year.

  • Chinese city taps British tourism market

    2012-03-06 14:16

    China's famous scenic city Hangzhou kicked off a large-scale tourism promotion campaign in London on Monday by taking advantage of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

  • Protectionism and disputes 'will rise'

    2012-02-27 09:29

    Although Chinese and European leaders pledged to refrain from trade protection measures, industry insiders warned that Chinese exporters are expected to face an even tougher reality in the European market.

  • FDI drops over EU debt crisis

    2012-02-17 09:39

    Foreign direct investment dropped for the third straight month in January as European investment plunged by 42 percent from a year earlier.

  • EU trade deficit with China decline in first 10 months of 2011

    2012-02-14 10:27

    The trade deficit of the European Union (EU) with China decreased to 132 billion euros ($174.8 billion) for the first 10 months of 2011 from 140 billion euros registered in the same period in 2010.

  • China may become EU's biggest market

    2012-02-06 15:54

    China may overtake the US to become the European Union's biggest exports destination this year, the EU ambassador to China said on Monday.

  • German firms seeking growth in China

    2012-02-06 09:31

    Although it is widely speculated that China's economic growth will slow this year, Breslein is still optimistic about future growth, as his home country braces for zero growth this year.

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