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  • Greece to bring privatization plan to China

    2012-11-02 10:48

    The Greek government is taking to China its plan to raise 50 billion euros ($64.74 billion) by privatizing some of its assets in a bid to attract "long-term investors", a Greek diplomat said on Thursday.

  • Greece looks to China for investors

    2012-09-19 10:34

    Greece's state-asset sales fund chairman said the country was looking in China for investors with a long-term horizon as the government ramps up the pace of asset sales.

  • Leaders meet for summit on euro crisis

    2012-06-29 07:25

    European leaders arrived in Brussels on Thursday afternoon for a two-day summit that some observers are calling the last chance to save the euro.

  • EU leaders agree on 120b-euro growth initiatives

    2012-06-29 06:47

    European Union top leaders have agreed on a package of growth initiatives worth 120 billion euros to help the most vulnerable economies in the bloc.

  • EU leaders meet to tackle debt crisis

    2012-06-28 03:37

    Experts said their expectations are very low as European Union leaders gather for another summit on Thursday and Friday to try to tackle the debt crisis.

  • Spanish central govt deficit widens

    2012-06-27 08:10

    The deficit of the Spanish central government increased in the first five months of 2012, nearing the full year target, the Budget Ministry said.

  • Greek PM cannot attend EU summit

    2012-06-25 07:15

    Greece's new Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will not be well enough to travel to a critical European Union summit in Brussels after undergoing an eye operation.

  • Euro's big four propose growth package

    2012-06-23 09:14

    Leaders of the big four eurozone nations - Italy, Germany, France and Spain, met in Rome to consider the future of the euro.

  • Spain needs $78b to recapitalize banks

    2012-06-22 08:00

    Spain needs up to 62 billion euros (about $78 billion) of aid to recapitalize its banks, international auditors said Thursday.

  • IMF ready to lend economic support to Greece

    2012-06-18 08:14

    The Washington-based IMF said it was ready to continue lending support to Greece's economic growth and job creation efforts.

  • New Democracy leads Greek election

    2012-06-18 08:33

    The pro-bailout conservative New Democracy party beat the anti-bailout leftist Syriza party in Greece's crucial election on Sunday.

  • Suicide rate soars in Greece as crisis worsens

    2012-06-18 01:04

    Soaring suicide rates since the debt crisis unfolded have taken a toll on psychiatrist Dimitris Boukouras.

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