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Cash or wallet?

( Updated: 2015-02-25 12:21

In today's trending, wallets resembling cash appear in Sichuan, a pig prostrated itself outside a Wenzhou temple, a rain of coins bombard temple employees, Spring Festival lanterns make a driver miss red light, and a wedding motorcade of cranes causes a splash.

Cash or wallet?

The wallet that looks like cash. [Photo/West China Metropolis Daily]

Cash or wallet?

Grabbing red envelops on social networking apps marked the beginning of the year of the sheep. If you were not lucky enough to receive something, don't worry. A wallet that looks like cold, hard cash may help bring you fortune the coming year, at least according to the wallet vendor.

Wallets mimicking Chinese yuan, American dollars and English pounds appeared for sale on the streets of Southwest China's Sichuan province, the official microblog account of West China Metropolis Daily reported.

The wallets, which are the size of a real note, are made of cloth printed with images of the notes. However, the report said the wallets may violate counterfeit laws.

Cash or wallet?

Wallets mimic Chinese yuan, American dollars and English pounds. [Photo/West China Metropolis Daily]

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