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Dog mother looks for her baby with a board

( Updated: 2015-02-08 13:15

A 10-year-old girl writes a poem about her disdain for mathematics, a woman loses a boyfriend over her obsession with a TV drama actor, a dog searches for its pup, all this and more in what's Trending in China.

Dog mother looks for her baby with a board
The girl's poem becomes circulated on the internet. [Photo/]

10-year-old girl's poem goes viral

A fifth grader's poem which gives mathematics all kinds of evil titles went viral on the internet over the weekend.

In the 10-year-old's poem, the subject, math, is claimed to be a source of death which makes learners suffer pains from hell. The author also compares mathematics to be the enemy of life that has killed generations of people.

The naughty girl is supposedly bad at the subject. Netizens joked that the girl might be the next Yu Xiuhua, a poet who recently shot to fame overnight. Some netizens left warnings for the young poet to study harder because mathematics will be tested on the college entrance examination.

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