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Actors perform in 5th China Guilin Int'l Tourism Expo

[2014-10-13 19:03]

Exhibitors from 52 countries and regions showcased their tourism services at the expo.

Prince's Mansion Scenic Area

[2014-10-10 11:51]

It was built when Zhu Shouqian, the grandnephew of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was enthroned as the Prince of Jingjiang.

Historical origin of Guilin

[2014-10-10 11:42]

Guilin has a unique historical culture and a wide range of tourist attractions featuring natural beauty and human achievements.

Ancient towns in Guilin

[2014-10-10 10:58]

With a history of more than 1,000 years, Fuli Ancient Town enjoys picturesque and beautiful water and hills and a unique culture.

The Ling Canal

[2014-10-10 10:52]

Known as the Qinzuo Canal in ancient times, the Ling Canal was completed in 214 BC as ordered by the First Emperor of Qin.

Guihai Forest of Steles

[2014-10-10 10:50]

There goes a saying: "the most famous Forest of Steles in the north is the Forest of Steles in Xi'an, while in the south it is the Guihai Forest of Steles in Guilin."

Guilin History

[2010-12-15 15:12]

As soon as Guilin is mentioned, the city's beautiful natural scenery will come to people's minds more vividly than its history.

Guilin resumes ancient river cruises

[2002-05-16 10:33]

Guilin, one of China's most famous tourist cities, has just finished a two-year project to clear its waterways and resume scenic cruises.

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