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Prince's Mansion Scenic Area

Updated: 2014-10-10 11:51

Prince's Mansion Scenic Area

It was built when Zhu Shouqian, the grandnephew of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was enthroned as the Prince of Jingjiang. With a history of more than 640 years, it is the oldest and the best-preserved residence of regional princes in China. The layout of the Prince's Mansion is characterized by axial symmetry. The ancestral temple lies on the left of the fortified wall and the Altar of the Earth and Harvests on its right, and in the inner part of the city are the Chengyun Gate and the Chengyun Hall and other halls, yards, pavilions, attics and rooms. The whole building is splendid and magnificent.

Location: Wangcheng Campus, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin

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